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Welcome to Oil Burner Services

Undertaking all work with oil fired boilers, vaporising cookers and fuel storage tanks.

Already well known throughout the North West for offering reliable service to Oftec standards from a qualified and time served technician, fully equipped and insured for your peace of mind. We operate full break down cover with a vast range of spare parts carried for all makes of appliances from our extensive stores and van stock.

Oil tank installations old and new can be upgraded or replaced with new high quality tanks and equipment.

General Information

Everyone is looking to save money on the provision of heating and hot water in their homes.

Insulation in the roof space and draught proofing should be your first thought with the need to keep in the heat you have paid for. An open fire place can sometimes be the greatest reason for heat loss, a chimney balloon can fix that.

The second most effective thing you can do is to make the most of the fuel you buy.

Smoke testing the boiler

Older standard efficiency boilers have a high flue gas temperature loss to atmosphere. Although with a relatively good efficiency in their day, unless these boilers are correctly serviced and maintained regularly, they will loose efficiency and cost you money. Modern condensing boilers, with a much lower flue gas temperature loss to atmosphere due to a secondary heat exchanger which recovers the latent heat, have a much higher nett efficiency, but these can also start to cost you money if not serviced regularly and with the correct equipment.

Being a company that gets to work on a few boilers throughout a year, we do know a thing or two about different boiler manufactures and their equipment. Anything mechanical of course will break down, especially if not regularly maintained.

Installing an Aga Cooker

We at Oil Burner Services therefore will always endorse quality and reliability, promoting manufacturers with a continual research and development policy.

Changing your boiler can be a daunting idea, not with Oil Burner Services, you could change your old inefficient boiler to an energy efficient 'A' rated condensing boiler, with little or no fuss ensuring you save money on your heating and hot water bills.

Servicing your equipment

As with all things mechanical, time, wear and tear will take their toll on your equipment.

Adjusting flue gases

A regular service will help to ensure that many potential faults are located and dealt with before an untimely breakdown occurs.

Of course there are large benefits in the cleaning of heat exchangers, thus maximising the effective heat transfer to the system water. Also the adjusting and setting up of your equipment to its most efficient has the potential to save fuel throughout the entire year. In fact with our 20 point service schedule you’re sure to have a boiler fit to go.

An inspection of your oil tank installation will also be undertaken with your boiler service, and a full service report along with a print out of the flue gas analysis report and advice on any remedial work if required.

Breakdown of your equipment

Friendly answer

If your equipment breaks down you will find that a call to us will generally be answered throughout the day by Mandy in the office or directly on the mobile.

Telephone calls are also monitored through the evening and weekends with 24 hour standby.

Breakdowns are generally diagnosed and dealt with on the same day.